DROP City Water Softeners

What’s in your water?

Many people think that the water supplied by municipal water departments is already treated and doesn’t need any additional help. While it’s true that city water must meet certain aesthetic and health regulations, it’s usually far from perfect.

Chlorine has been used by cities to make water safe to drink for over 100 years. Chloramines are formed when ammonia is added to the chlorine to provide longer-lasting disinfection while reducing disinfection byproducts. Today, 94% of Americans use water treated with chlorine or chloramines. Though extremely effective at disinfecting water, these chemicals can impart an unpleasant taste and odor, damage appliance and plumbing components, dry out skin and hair, and cause clothing colors to fade.

Hard water negatively impacts nearly 90% of homes in America. Symptoms include a white chalky build-up on dishes, silverware, plumbing fixtures and in water heaters. Water hardness also contributes to increased cleaning costs since soaps and detergents are made less effective. Water heaters grow less efficient as build-up leads to higher energy costs and premature failure.

DROP City Water Softeners are designed to make your municipal water better. Built with a unique two compartment tank to minimize required floor space, the lower chamber contains high quality cation exchange softening resin that removes costly hardness minerals. The upper chamber contains catalytic carbon for the removal of chlorine, chloramines, and other chemicals. This design protects the softener resin from damaging effects of chlorine and chloramines that can reduce resin life by 50%.

In addition to providing you with exceptional quality water, DROP City Water Softeners have revolutionary capabilities that no other softeners have;

  • Monitor your home’s water usage and automatically shut off the water when potentially damaging wasteful leaks occur or someone forgets to turn off a faucet.
  • Can be connected to your home WiFi, allowing you to monitor and control your water system from anywhere.
  • Optional DROP wireless remote leak detectors can be located throughout your home to immediately identify potentially freezing conditions or unwanted water. Each can be set to shut off the water or alert only.
  • Use the App on your smartphone to bypass water treatment or shut your water off.
  • DROP leak detection with automatic shutoff qualifies for homeowner discounts from many insurance providers. Incentives vary by state and provider.

To learn more about how our home water products can help you save and enjoy your water like never before while also protecting your home, contact us here or call 888-363-9434.