DROP's Mesh Network

Effortless Connectivity

One of the most unique features of DROP is the use of a proprietary mesh network to communicate, update and learn from all of its individual products. What does this mean exactly? DROP creates it's own wireless network which communicates with all softener valves, leak detectors, and salt detectors. The DROP Hub sends signals to all of these end points to gather new information. If there is a leak or water has been running too long through the softener vavle, the Hub will notify your system on your phone and send you a notification. 

This network doesn't interfere with any existing home wifi, or other networks. In fact, connecting your DROP system to your home wifi is the best option for you to remotely connect to your home water supply and to continue to control your water use when you are not home. If you leave a sink running water when you go to work, DROP will notify you of this leak and automatically shut off that water supply. You no longer will need to worry about it!

Once you connect DROP to your home wifi, everything else is easy. No more leaky pipes, no more garden hoses left on. DROP is designed around effortless connectivity; always checking for new information to keep you and your home safe. It silently works in the background and alerts you for emergencies only. 

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