Ever worry about water leaks in your home?

Ever worry about water leaks in your home while you are away?  I never did until I came home one day to a flooded basement.  A DROP Home Protection Valve can detect the smallest leak and can easily be installed on your main water line inlet.  It also monitors water pressure, water flow, and even temperature.  All the while being paired with DROP Leak Detectors anywhere throughout your house where a potential leak could occur. 

With the DROP App you can monitor your water no matter where you are.  Continuous flow, leaky toilet, dripping faucet, or temperature decline.  It provides text messages, emails, or push notifications of your system.  If there is ever a problem, you will know instantly and easily can shut your water off with the DROP App

DROP’s Home Protection Valve gives you peace of mind from leaks that eventually can lead to water damage.  You have the power to stop it before it happens.