Isn’t Life Hard Enough?!

Most people have heard the term “hard water”. It comes from being hard to clean things washed in it. This is caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water that reacts with soaps and detergents to form a soap curd, diminishing the cleaning ability and leaving behind a tacky residue on laundry, dishes, your hair, and skin. You use larger amounts of soap to compensate for lack of suds, which doesn’t always give better results. Hardness minerals also have a tendency to build up a light-colored crusty hard scale on plumbing fixtures, water using appliances and in water heaters. This build up increases your energy costs, while decreasing appliance life expectancy and water pressure. Hard water really ends up being hard on your budget!

Modern water softeners are designed to greatly improve the water in your home by exchanging the hardness minerals calcium and magnesium for much softer sodium ions. They also can remove dissolved iron that causes yellow and orange stains throughout a home. Built in water meters ensure that you never run out of soft water. And some softeners today go way beyond just improving your water quality. There are systems that also monitor your home for water leaks, furnace malfunctions, or dripping faucets. They can alert you with a text message or email and shut off your water before significant waste and property damage occurs.

By investing in a water softener for your home, you can expect brighter laundry, healthier skin and hair, easier cost-effective cleaning, and longer life from your water heater and appliances. With a DROP softener, you get all of this plus the peace of mind knowing that your biggest investment, your home, is also protected.

Not sure what’s in your water… Contact the folks at DROP and we will help you figure it out!