A Protected Home is a Happy Home

Whether it’s the water treatment systems or protection valve, you can make sure that even if you leave for a long weekend, your home will be safe.

Most people think of leak detection as having some sort of device that sits on the ground waiting for water to seep onto it before setting off an alarm. While these are good to have in specific spots, there are more ways a leak can occur. Any DROP system with a water meter can detect water flow down to ¼ GPM. If the systems detect that flow for long enough, DROP will let you know so if you’re just watering your garden or filling up a swimming pool, you can dismiss the notification and continue or find out where that pesky leak is coming from and can call a plumber right away! But, if you feel like going on a long trip or even just a day at the lake fishing, switch your protection mode to AWAY and know that DROP will make sure that if a leak happens, it will be caught and shut off right away.

While our systems can detect very small leaks, can they detect a large leak before major damage happens? Absolutely. The DROP Pump Controller and Home Protection System can detect large changes in pressure and will shut off the water/pump when the pressure exceeds the set threshold saving your wallet and giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe.