Providing Peace of Mind

What I love the most about my DROP Pump Controller is that I can check it from wherever I am. It gives me great peace of mind to know that everything is ok at home with the water situation for the rest of the family while I’m away.

With my occupation, I’m away from home for about half the week and I can monitor the water system from my anywhere! It is amazing on what can be accomplished now with a Smartphone enabling you to run your services and appliances from remote locations.

The DROP Pump Controller monitors the temperature, pressure, pressure differential, leaks, water flow, and temperature for me. I have my settings already set up in the app so if anything changes, I can react! How do I do this? The pump controller controls my water system while I’m away and if there’s a problem it is sending me a notification through the app letting me know there’s a problem immediately. It is connected to my home Wi-Fi. At this point, I can make a simple change remotely or if the problem is unfixable by me, I can call someone to take care of the job for me. Full coverage whether I’m at home or away is the best feature of the DROP Pump Controller. The DROP Pump Controller is very reliable.

What contractors love the most about the pump controller is the fact that they can monitor systems they’ve installed. They can perform diagnostics on the phone and in a lot of cases, know what’s wrong before they get to the job. Now that’s amazing! Our new desktop version will allow them to have all their DROP customers on the office computer system.

What homeowners and insurance companies love about DROP Pump Controller is it saves money and aggravation. Ask your insurance company about a discount. Imagine having to move or having your house in turmoil for 2 to 4 months during repairs, not to mention the cost involved. DROP is a preemptive strike against all of the bad situations that occur with major water damage. The future for DROP is bright and growing!