Regardless of your water problems, we have a solution

Growing up, I have memories of going to the beach every year with my family and my mom filling up a dozen gallon milk jugs with water before bottled water was even a thing! We would haul the water into the beach rental for our cooking and drinking. The beach water in coastal South Carolina always smelled / tasted like rotten eggs and still does if it’s not treated. I had no idea what was giving it the smell at the time, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. I would forget and drink water out of the kitchen faucet and get a good dose!! UGH!!!! I also grew up in a house with cast-iron tubs with blue stains around the drain. When we came back from vacation our water would look a little bit dingy. We would say it’s it was because the water was stagnant, and the blue stains would be blamed on Ajax!

It all makes perfect sense now! A few years ago, I tested the old home place and came up with trace iron and a low pH of 6.2. With six of us the water had no time for oxidizing but it we left for any period of time, the iron would turn. The blue stains had years to form with the low pH.

Walking down memory lane, along with working for one of the best water treatment companies around, has taught me the RIGHT fix for these problems. We have DROP aeration units that can handle the iron and sulfide keeping stains and smells away. We also sell DROP backwashing units that can be set up with a media to raise the pH and keep the water at neutral to avoid staining. As far as those rotten eggs go, you first need to determine first that it is hydrogen sulfide. You need to do an on-site test for this because hydrogen sulfide is a gas that will separate from the water. It’s imperative you test on location. Bacteria can also produce an odor but if it is a rotten egg smell it is more than likely hydrogen sulfide. We have DROP units designed specifically to remove the smell and they do a great job if I do say so myself! We do not skimp on carbon using only the best for these units. Bacterial smells can be addressed in the piping and the water system itself. It is a separate issue usually handled with shock treatment and chlorination. DROP systems do not run from extreme water problems including lead, arsenic, nitrates, well, all the really bad things that can be in your water! Please check out all our products at