The Smart Water System

What makes DROP the smart water system? Well put simply, DROP just does it all!

Does your home’s water need treatment? DROP offers numerous softening and filtering units with over ten types of media to fit whatever need your water requires; however, that only puts the DROP systems on the same level as other units out there. What really sets the DROP treatment systems apart is the freedom and control given to the homeowner through the DROP Connect app. Using the app, the homeowner can monitor water flow, change settings, even turn off water flow to their house with the simple tap of a button! The smart water system even can shut off the water if it detects a leak from either a notification from a DROP leak detector or even if the unit detects flow for a long period of time. But what if the water doesn’t need treated, how can you still be protected?

The DROP Home Protection System answers that question. It protects the same way the DROP softener and filtering units would but is more specialized in peace of mind. With a pressure sensor and a built-in leak detection sensor, the Home Protection System protects the home 24/7 from every angle while still being completely customizable for your family. All products can have the period of flow allowed before the water detects a leak can be adjusted to comfortably fit any lifestyle and when no one is home, simply change the protection mode to away mode which has an even shorter window of time before the water shuts off. This can save thousands upon thousands in water damage and allows you to rest easy knowing your home is protected all thanks to The Smart Water System.