What is Smart Water Management?

You may have noticed that we refer to DROP as a “water management system,” but what exactly does that mean? Why do we call it that? 

Every once in a while, a product comes along that is so innovative that it can’t accurately be defined by any existing terminology, and we believe that DROP is just that type of product.  While many other products do pieces and parts of what a DROP system is capable of (leak detection, water shutoff, water treatment, pump monitoring, etc.), DROP can do all of this and more, and is capable of combining all of these functions into one cohesive system.  Trying to squeeze DROP into any existing product category really wouldn’t do it justice, so that’s why we call it a “water management system”--it truly helps you manage every aspect of your home’s water system. 

What makes our water management system “smart” of course, is our ability to control and monitor your system through the DROP app.  And DROP isn’t just kind of smart—the DROP interface is 100% app based, and it combines every individual drop component into one system.  When a remote connection is enabled, you can access your DROP system from anywhere in the world—but—because the DROP hub communicates on its own proprietary local network, it’s also capable of continuing to protect your home when your wifi is down, or in locations where there is no wifi.  Because all DROP components have a battery backup, it will even continue to protect your home in the event of a power outage! 

While a DROP system is smart right out of the box, it will also keep getting smarter over time.  As new updates to the system are released, the DROP app allows you to continually upgrade the firmware on your hub and devices, giving you all of the latest features for years to come.  We are also continuing to develop new DROP products that can be added to your existing system at any time to help you have greater control over your water system.

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