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DROP can help with Water Conservation

Water conservation has been a topic for a long time, but what is the role of the homeowner in this area? Factories and city municipalities have been recycling water to improve water conservation for years. The majority of homeowners, however, don’t have the resources or space to create the same green environment. The solution is Distributed Remote Operated Products, better known as DROP. Using DROP can improve the homeowner’s ability to take care of our water sources and improve and protect our environment.

DROP is a premiere product that constantly monitors water efficiency to reduce unnecessary water usage. By using the free DROP app, DROP, you have a wide range of information at your fingertips. The app provides multiple data graphs that show water usage for the past 60 minutes, 24 hours, and running 90-day history.  Having visibility of water usage can consciously have an effect on how you use water.

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By monitoring water usage, DROP can calculate additional data like average daily/ current water usage and daily high-water usage setpoints. The national water use for an average person is 75 gallons per day. Having the visibility of your average daily water usage can help figure out if there need to be any changes. Changes can be as simple as turning off the water between brushing your teeth, and not letting the water run in between rinsing dishes among other good practices. This affects daily high-water setpoints. DROP will notify you when the setpoints have been met. These settings are customizable to meet everyone’s needs but utilizing these tools may open your eyes to how you use water. This allows you to make small life changes, which in turn will have a large impact on this resource.

DROP isn’t just a water monitoring system, though; it also monitors for leaks and has a water supply shut-off feature. DROP is looking for anomalies like continuous flow, peak flow, and pressure monitoring, and has wireless leak detectors. Like daily setpoints, these features are customizable to better suit each home’s needs. If any of these settings are met, the water supply will shut off to the house and send you a text, push or email notification. Wireless leak detectors are small devices that alert the DROP system of any unexpected water. They should be strategically placed in the areas that are most likely to leak, like behind the washing machine, hot water tank, toilets, and under sinks. When water touches the detectors, the water supply will immediately shut off and send a notification.

Everyone should try to do their part in water conservation for our environment and ecosystem. Water usage and conservation affect all beings, as well as our planet itself. With technology that provides information, protection, and water supply shutoff, people can now do their part at home. Therefore, DROP is a premiere whole-home water management system that allows homeowners to play an active role in building a more sustainable planet.

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