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Hard water and contaminates could be causing more issues than you realize. Take the first step in protecting your home and your health. Here’s why testing your water is key:

  • Enhance Water Quality for Use: Hard water can affect everything from your laundry to your skin. Testing allows you to make the necessary adjustments for soft, quality water.
  • Preserve Plumbing & Fixtures: Keep your pipes and fixtures free from the damaging effects of mineral deposits. Testing helps you prevent blockages and maintain water flow.
  • Extend Appliance Life: Hard water can shorten the lifespan of your appliances by causing scale buildup. Get your water tested to save money and hassle in the long run.

Our water test will report back on: Hardness, Iron, Manganese, PH, Tannin, TDS, Color, Rust, Suspended Matter, Iron Bacteria, Odor.

Don’t let water issues go unchecked. Send us a sample today and we’ll help you take the necessary steps towards safer water and a better home.

Quick and Simple

Step 1

Fill an 8oz water bottle with your water and send it to us.

Filling instructions:
  1. Collect the sample based on your water supply:
    1. City Water – Run water for two (2) minutes from a cold-water faucet. DO NOT take the sample from HOT water faucets. Fill bottle completely.
    2. Private Water Supply – Run water until pump turns on from a cold-water faucet. DO NOT take the sample from HOT water faucets. Allow water to run until sample is clear. Fill bottle completely.
  1. Place the FULL sample bottle in the mail and make certain that the package is secure (taped closed). If a full bottle is not received, a complete analysis cannot be performed.
  2. The bottle the weight may vary. Be certain to affix sufficient postage for the chosen method of delivery (U.S. Mail, FedEx, UPS, etc.)
  3. Write your name and return address on the package and send to:
    DROP Water Test
    710 Orange Street
    Ashland, Ohio 44805

NOTE: If you currently have a water treatment device, take the sample from an untreated source, or place the device in bypass.

Step 2

Let us know where to send the results of your test:

If there is anything else we should know about your water? Smells, stains, taste, colors?
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