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By now, you likely realize DROP is the most revolutionary water management system in the world. Knowing that, as a homeowner, you are protected when you are home or away, adds peace of mind that isn’t available with any other water management system. More than protection, though, DROP also keeps you informed. With the free subscribed app, homeowners get real-time data and system notifications. Therefore, DROP is changing the industry on how you interact and get information about your water to improve efficiency and protection.

DROP App Dashboard

The DROP App’s Dashboard displays real-time data depending on the product that is installed. One of the most important pieces of data is the Current Water Flow. This highlights the gallons per minute of current water usage. Also, the Dashboard displays daily Peak Flow. Peak Flow shows the highest volume of water used at that point in the day. This information is helpful if daily water usage is noticeably higher than normal. You will be able to see any spikes in a short period of time. This helps homeowners in several ways. Most importantly, but not all-encompassing, is that it helps determine a good water usage point for setting pipe burst protection. The Dashboard also displays daily Water Usage and Soft Water Remaining if a softener is installed. This communicates the amount of soft water remaining for use before the system regenerates. The DROP App also informs you of daily, hourly, and monthly graphs. Each graph can then be magnified and expanded for in-depth data analysis, helping with water conservation plans.

Having a system work for you behind the scenes, whether you are home or away, is great, but how do you know if there is a problem?  The DROP App relays these notifications directly to you. If connected via Remote Access, the homeowner will be notified anywhere in the world where there is cell service when a system setting is surpassed. DROP has three options on how you receive these notifications: text, push, and email. A user can choose all three, one, or none; the choice depends on personal preference. When the user logs into the app and is on the Dashboard, all the notifications will be displayed with the time and day it was triggered. If the DROP system is not set up for remote access, no problem! The DROP Remote, a piece of equipment with many purposes–one of which is communication, will flash blue to signify that there is a notification waiting to view in the DROP App

With the DROP App providing an abundance of information and data, homeowners can be more efficient and protected. Being informed with real-time data, monthly history, and pertinent notifications makes each home water system truly customizable. DROP App allows you to dial down on pipe burst protection, continuous flow, water pressure, and many other attributes. Unquestionably, DROP is keeping you informed to make the best decisions for your home, which provides the utmost peace of mind.

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