The DROP system has been designed to be your home water management system. It treats your incoming water supply to give you quality water in your home. It monitors water usage and can help to alert you to excessive water usage and prevent or reduce water damage in the event of a burst pipe or a failed appliance. The DROP system can be tailored to your home’s unique needs and your personal desires.

DROP Hub - Power Source

The DROP devices that are a part of your home water system are coordinated and controlled by the DROP Hub. The DROP system uses a proprietary wireless network called DROP Link that operates all the devices on a network. DROP Link is separate from and on a different frequency from your home WiFi. This gives the system resilience in that even if your WiFi or internet goes down, your DROP system will continue to operate, monitor and protect. It also keeps unnecessary traffic off your WiFi network.

The Hub is the only component that has a WiFi radio on it. You can connect to in 3 modes that give a user complete flexibility to set up their DROP system to best suit their needs and desires.

  1. Direct connection: The DROP Hub creates its own secure WiFi network. Using the DROP app on a smart phone or tablet you can connect directly to the Hub and view status and change settings. This mode allows someone who may not have an internet connection to still be able to take advantage of many of the features of the DROP system.
  2. Local WiFi connection: Is very similar to direct connection mode, with the advantage of being able to connect to the DROP system without having to change the WiFi network on the smart phone or tablet being used to connect.
  3. Cloud connected using DROP Connect web services. This allows the DROP Hub to connect securely to DROP Connect servers. This enables notifications to be sent when there is an event that you need to know about and it allows you to monitor and control the DROP system from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

The DROP system makes it easy to add to your system as the needs of your home change and as the DROP product line continues to expand. Adding a new device to the DROP network is as easy as setting the Hub to look for new devices, and then power up the device you would like to add. Your new device will be connected to the system and your DROP Hub will already know how to integrate it into the system.

The DROP system user interface is implemented using the “DROP Connect” App. The App is available for Android and Apple smart phones and tablets. This gives you the convenience to have an intuitive user interface that is always with them. You no longer need to be standing in front of the equipment trying to figure out how to change the settings using a few buttons and cryptic text. The App includes many helpful hints and full descriptions of system settings and operation so you are not guessing as to what the information or settings are about.