App Operations

DROP Hub Connectivity

Using the App

The app has been designed to organize the many functions and settings of the DROP system in an intuitive manner. Almost all items in the app can be touched to change settings or for more information. Any item or setting that could cause undesired operation will show a confirmation dialog box with more information when the setting is pressed. Also, information icons are available to give you more information about individual settings throughout the app.

All graphs of data can be expanded to see more detailed information by touching the graph. Once the larger graph view is opened the detailed data can be viewed by pinch zooming and scrolling the graph area.

DROP iPhone Graph
DROP App Information

Common gestures are used in many areas of the DROP Connect app.The information icon is also helpful for learning about specific items.

Local Connection vs. Remote Connection

Your DROP App should prefer to connect to your Hub using a local connection rather than the remote connection through the DROP Connect web services. You can tell whether your App is connected in local or remote mode based on the color of your connection icon in the lower left of your Navigation menu in the App. If the icon is green, you are using a local connection. If the icon is blue, you are using a remote connnection.

DROP Remote Connections
DROP Green Notification
DROP Blue Notification

If you are with a local range of the Hub, you will direct connect to the Hub. Shown with a green symbol.

If you are connected to any mobile network or roaming network, you will connect via remote connection. Shown with a blue symbol.

A local connection is preferred because it is faster, there are no limitations in functionality and a local connection is required to do firmware updates to the Hub and devices. If your App is connected to your Hub via a remote (blue icon) connection and you believe it should be able to connect locally, tap the connection icon and in the dialog box that pops up tap the “New Connection” button. This will cause the App to scan the network that the phone or tablet is connected to for any DROP systems that are connected. If your DROP system is connected to that same network it should show up on the list.