DROP Hub Operations

DROP Hub Status Lights

DROP Hub Status

Similar to the mobile setup process, DROP can operate in any network environment, with or without WiFi. The color of your DROP Hub light will indicate to you what connection mode it is in. Here is an overview of each more.

DROP Hub Status Light Blue

Connected to WiFi and DROP Connect Services

The hub has connected to a local WiFi network and to DROP Connect servers. The Hub is able to accept remote connections. In this mode, there are two ways that the app can communicate to the Hub. If the phone or tablet is connected to the same local network as the Hub, the app can communicate directly over that local network.

DROP Hub Status Light Green

Connected to WiFi Only

The hub has connected to a local WiFi network. To communicate to that Hub using the DROP app your phone or tablet will need to be connected to that same local network.

DROP Hub Status Light Yellow

Direct Connections

The hub is using its own private WiFi network (this is the default state on first power up). To communicate to that Hub using the app your phone or tablet will need to be connected to the DROP WiFi which will be named “DROP_System”. Follow the instructions for one of the connection modes in the section “Connecting the app to the DROP system” to have the app walk you through making that connection.

DROP Hub Status Light Red

Lost WiFi Signal

The hub cannot connect to the WiFi network it was previously connected to. If this persists for more than a few minutes, check that the WiFi network is available using another device, and make sure the SSID or password of that WiFi network has not changed. If it has not changed and can be connected to using other devices, reboot the hub. If it has changed, set the hub to direct connection mode (see Adv. Hub Pushbutton Functions) and then connect it using the new credentials.

DROP Hub Push Button

Emergency water On/Off

All DROP devices that treat your water also provide a water shutoff for all plumbing that is connected to the outlet of the unit. Briefly pressing the button on the hub will toggle the water shutoff state. Although this functionality is also available in the app, simply pressing the button to shut off or restore the water flow is a quick way to change the water shutoff state. When the system is in water shutoff, the Hub light will flash orange once a second over top of its normal status color.

Advanced Hub Pushbutton Functions

The pushbutton on the front of the Hub had been designed to perform some basic functions. By pressing and holding the pushbutton these functions can be accessed. As you hold the pushbutton, the button color will change for the different functions that are available. The following list explains the functions that are available:

DROP Advanced Hub - 2-4 Second Press

The button will turn pink. If released during this time frame the Hub will reboot. This can be helpful if you think something just isn’t working right and you want to try a fresh startup to see if it fixes the problem. A reboot takes only a few seconds to complete and is generally not disruptive to any of the normal functions of the system.

DROP Advanced Hub - 6-8 Second Press

If the DROP Hub is connected to a local (blue or green before pressing the button) WiFi network, button color will be yellow. If released during this time frame the Hub will reset and temporarily revert to direct connection WiFi mode. Once in direct connection (yellow with button not pressed) WiFi mode, if button is held again for 6-8 seconds the button color will be blue. If released in this mode the Hub will reset and reconnect to the previous WiFi connection. Switching to direct connection WiFi mode can be helpful if you want to temporarily allow someone to access your Hub, but don’t want to give them access to your local WiFi. This also can be helpful if your WiFi router is no longer available and you need to connect to your DROP system. Finally, it is a way that can be used to connect a Hub to a new WiFi without resetting the Hub.

DROP Advanced Hub - 14-16 Second Press

The button will turn green. If released during this time frame the Hub will reset the local access password. When the local access password is reset, a notification will be sent out that the password has been reset. This ensures that a user must have direct physical access to the Hub in order to set the password and also ensures that the appropriate users are notified of the password change.

DROP Advanced Hub - 20-22 Second Press

The button will turn orange. If released during this time frame the Hub will be armed for a factory reset and the light will turn red. If the button is pressed again, once it is red, a factory reset will be performed on the Hub. It is recommended that before performing a factory reset, that you disable remote access for your hub. This can be done while using a local connection and going to the Account page. If your hub is connected to DROP web services you will see a “Disable Remote Access” button. Doing a factory reset will clear all data, and remove all accounts and devices from the Hub. If the button is not pressed again, the red light and the factory reset armed will be cleared after 10 seconds.

How to Update Firmware

The DROP Hub and all DROP devices have firmware that is programmed on each DROP component and controls how the DROP system operates. The DROP system is designed to be able to update the firmware in order to add new features and fix or improve operation. New firmware updates are distributed in the DROP App and can be downloaded to the DROP system using the app. The app will prompt you that new firmware is available when you open your app and connect to your Hub in local mode. Choosing “Install Updates Now” will take you directly to the System > Advanced Page.

1. Firmware Updates Pending.

DROP Firmware Update Step 1

2. Firmware Updates Pending.

DROP Firmware Update Step 2

3. Sending Hub Firmware Update.

DROP Firmware Update Step 3

4. Firmware will continue to be transferred.

DROP Firmware Update Step 4

Any devices that have an update available will have an “Update” button next to them. It is recommended that you update the Hub first if an update is available for it, and then update the device components.