Before You Begin


Before you get started, there are few things you are going to need to do.

Download the DROP Mobile App


The DROP Mobile App can be found on both the iOS App Store® and on Google Play. Just search for “DROP Connect” and look for the DROP icon  DROP App Icon  or, here are quick links to the app.

Get it on Google Play

Get it on Apple Store®

Place your DROP Hub


The DROP system is a wireless operating system making placement of the Hub very flexible. However there are a few things to keep in mind when you locate the Hub. If you are planning to connect your Hub to your home WiFi be sure to place the Hub within range of that network. The range of the DROP Link network gives adequate coverage to a majority of homes without the use of repeaters. Any device on the DROP network that is powered from an outlet power source can act as a repeater. However, placing your DROP Hub in a central location in your home gives it the best chance of being able to reach all the devices on the network without the need for DROP repeaters.

DROP Installation - DROP Hub
DROP Installation - DROP Hub Alt

Another feature to be aware of when placing the Hub is that the DROP Hub can power up to 5 additional DROP products. That is useful when there are not enough outlets to power all of the devices in an area with the provided power supplies. An example of this could be where a softener with a salt sensor, a backwashing filter and the Hub are all installed in a mechanical room. You can power the Hub with the provided power supply then connect the other devices to the Hub using the optional power distribution cord.

DROP Hub - Power Source
DROP Hub Power Cord

10 ft. power distribution cord available to power
DROP devices from the hub (p/n: 20018X040)

DROP Hub 9v Battery

9 volt battery back up is recommended for DROP Hub

The hub also has a USB power output. This output can be used for slow charging of a tablet or phone. This is especially useful for our cabinet model where a tablet can be used for the purpose of being the user interface for the DROP system. The hub can keep the tablet charged and always ready for use.

DROP Water Softener with Tablet
DROP Water Softener Back

DROP cabinet softener shown with tablet and hub (tablet purchased separately)

Once you have decided on a location for the Hub, you can plug it in. The Hub comes with a larger power supply than the other DROP devices. The Hub should be powered by a 12VDC 2,000mA power supply. It should be plugged into a non-switched 120v outlet. When first powered up, the Hub light will be yellow.

Quick Checklist


Before you continue with installation, let’s make sure the following steps have been completed.

You have:


  •  Installed or plumbed in your Water Appliance(s)
  •  Downloaded the DROP Mobile app on your smartphone
  •  Placed the DROP Hub in a central location and power it up