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How To Protect Against High Water Billing

Water is one of the most common utility bills that people have, and recurring monthly expenses can put a dent in your wallet pretty quickly. It can be frustrating if you find that your water bill has gone up significantly, but there are ways for you to save money on your water bill.

If you want to protect yourself against a high water bill, you need to know some of the most common reasons why your water bill is high. Then, you need to invest in a system that can alert you to a leaking plumbing system quickly, allowing you to take action before your plumbing bill skyrockets.

So, what do you need to know about why your water bill might be high, and what do you need to do to protect yourself accordingly?

The Most Common Reasons Why You Have an Unusually High Water Bill

There are several reasons why your water bill might be high. Some of the most common examples include:

1. Outdoor Water Use

Many people do not realize that the amount of water they use outside can have a direct impact on their overall water bill. For example, if you have an automatic sprinkler system that keeps your lawn green throughout the entire year, you might be using more water than you realize, driving up your water bill.

Or, if you use a lot of water washing your cars at home, it can contribute to a high water bill. While you probably want to take care of your cars and keep them clean, you might not need to wash them every weekend for example. If you can find a way to reduce the amount of water you use outside, you may be able to bring down your water bill.

2. Your Toilet Keeps Running

Do you find that your toilet continuously runs even after you have flushed it? If you feel like there is a toilet in your home that never quite fills up, it could be a reason why your water bill is high. If you hear your toilet continuously running, this means that it is continuously filling. As a result, your toilet tank continuously draws water from your water supply, spinning the meter in the process.

This could be a sign that your toilet bowl is leaking, so make sure you address the problem if you want to bring down your water bill. Fun fact, the DROP Home Protection Valve (and other DROP products) are able to detect leaky toilets and notify you on your phone.

3. You Have a Dripping Faucet

Your water bill might also be high because you have a leaky faucet. Do you hear a faucet somewhere in your home dripping at night? You might feel like this isn’t using much water, but it can add up quickly. If you ignore this faucet for a long time, it can use many gallons of water, all of which will be charged to your water bill. Make sure you address a leaky faucet quickly if you want to reduce your water bill.

4. Undetected Leaks

Sometimes, the reason for a high water bill isn’t as visible as a running toilet or a dripping faucet. Hidden leaks, often going unnoticed, can cause a significant increase in your water bill. These leaks can occur in several places: underground, within walls, or even beneath your home’s foundation.

The most common hidden leaks are in underground water lines leading to your home or in the pipes inside your home’s walls. They can be caused by various factors like aging pipes, changes in temperature, or root intrusion in the case of underground pipes. This type of leak can be particularly challenging to detect as there are usually no obvious signs, and the water simply disappears into the ground or evaporates within your walls.

Undetected leaks could be draining water continuously, causing your meter to run constantly and thus, hiking your water bill. The problem with these leaks is that they not only result in high water bills but can also cause long-term damage to your home, like mold growth or structural damage.

So these are just a few of the most common reasons why your water bill might be high, but what do you need to do if you want to address it?

A Few Drops Can Make a Major Difference: Disputing a High Water Bill

If you get a water bill that is significantly higher than your normal water bill, you may be able to dispute it. The exact way you dispute a high water bill will vary from place to place, but the first thing you need to do is reach out directly to the employees of the local water company in your municipality. The company that is responsible for your water bill should be printed at the top. Their contact information should be readily available, so all you need to do is reach out to them to issue a direct appeal.

Evidence of problems in your home, such as an issue with your water heater, a problem with your swimming pool, or even evidence of issues with your water cooled air conditioners, could convince the company to lower your bill.

Most of the employees are incredibly cooperative, and they understand that problems with your plumbing system can unintentionally lead to a high water bill. 

If appealing to the company directly does not provide you with the results you are looking for, you should reach out to your local government. There should be a board that is responsible for overseeing your public utilities, so you may want to fill out a form online or call them to issue a complaint. They may be able to intercede on your behalf, helping you bring down your water bill.

Ways To Bring Your Water Bill Down

Even though you want to address your high water bill as soon as possible, you also need to take action to bring it down in the future. A few of the top tips you should follow if you want to bring down your water bill include:

1. Take Shorter Showers and Baths

You need to take shorter showers and baths if you want to save money on your water bill. The reality is that many people do not realize just how much water they use when they take a shower or bath. You may even want to consider shutting off the water when you are lathering up your body. You might be able to save a few extra gallons of water, which will have an impact on your water bill.

2. Turn Off the Water When You Are Not Using It

Speaking of turning off the water when you lather yourself up, you should also turn off the water when you are not actively using it. For example, you should not let the faucet keep running when you shave in the morning. You should also shut off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth. Only turn on the water again when you are ready to spit out your toothpaste.

You should also turn off the water when you are soaping up all the dishes. Then, simply wash all of your dishes at the same time if you want to save water. 

3. Use the Dishwasher More

There is an even better way you can save water when you are doing the dishes, and the best way to do so is to use the dishwasher more often. Many people do not realize that using the dishwasher is actually more water efficient when compared to washing them by hand. Your dishwasher will wash all of your dishes at the same time, helping you save money on your water bill.

Just make sure you do not overload the dishwasher. If you put too many dishes in the dishwasher at the same time, your dishwasher might not adequately clean all of the dishes.

4. Install a Leak Detection System 

Finally, you need to install a leak detection system in your home if you want to save money on your water bill. A leak detection system is important because it can protect you against a potentially catastrophic event with water bills and water damage. For example, if there is a leak allowing tank water to escape, or if there is a broken water pipe, this system could turn off the water supply to your broken water pipes and help reduce water use and damage.

A strong leak detection system will alert you if there is a potential leak in your home, even remotely. Then, it might be able to shut off your water supply automatically, preventing your home from wasting a tremendous amount of water. If you are looking for the best leak detection system for your home, it would be our pleasure to help you.

Let DROP Help You Take Care of Your Home’s Water Supply

Are you looking for the best system to help you save money on your water bill? At DROP, we have a variety of products that can help you maintain control over your water supply and stop leaks, including a comprehensive leak detection system. This could not only help you save money on your water bill but also prevent water damage throughout your home.

We are confident that we can help you find the perfect system to meet your needs, so take a closer look at our selection today!

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