Add even more control and convenience to your in-home water system.

Smart Home Water System Accessories

You can piecemeal your way through life. That’s your choice. But how much better is it when everything works together seamlessly? Our Smart Home Water System Accessories are designed to work within the larger system to ensure you are always in control and always protected.

DROP Leak Detectors

Place DROP Leak Protectors around your home in places where leaks may occur. And when one does? The water shuts off and you’re kept in the loop.

DROP Remote

Control the quality and flow of your water with the simple touch of a button.

DROP Parts

Connectors, fittings, cables

DROP Replacement Filters Membrane

Easy quick change filters and RO membrane for your DROP Reverse Osmosis System!

DROP Whole House Cartridge Filter

Control the quality and flow of your water with the simple touch of a button.

Shark Skin Jacket

Insulating cover which helps prevent condensation and subsequent puddle formation on the floor.

Home Protection Valve Outdoor Installation Kit

Home Protection Valve outdoor installation requires outdoor kit.

DROP T-Shirt

You have the best water management system in the world, now rock the gear and tell all your friends!

DROP Hoodie

The only thing better than a hoodie is a DROP hoodie.


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