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DROP Home Protection

Water is weird. It can be both a supremely creative and devastatingly destructive force. Which is why DROP’s home protection system is designed to help you to find the perfect balance for your family, home, and the things in life that matter most.

DROP Pump Controller

Want complete control over your water? The DROP Pump Controller can be used to monitor your flow and alert you to problems like leaks or excessive usage automatically.
The Pump Controller is recommended for homeowners who have a well pump.

DROP Home Protection Valve

Looking to take control of your water? The DROP Home Protection Valve puts you back in complete power. Combined with the DROP Hub and DROP Leak Protectors, this smart valve provides the best leak protection on the market.
The Home Protection Valve is recommended for homeowners using municipal water supply.

DROP Alert

Monitoring Your Sump Pump – All The Time. A malfunctioning sump pump can cause a lot of damage quickly! The DROP Alert lets you know when a problem is sensed, saving the cost of lost valuables.

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