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DROP Reverse Osmosis System Manual

Product Catalogs

DROP Residential and Commercial

User Guide

Professional Installers Guide

Connect the App to the DROP System

DROP Devices and Naming


Product Overview.

Learn more about DROP products and how they work both alone and together to give you total control over your family’s water. Step aside, Aquaman. You’re the H2O-hero now.

DROP Hub Overview

Valve Operations and Lights

Salt Sensor Overview

Leak Detector Overview

DROP Remote Overview

Home Protection Valve Overview

DROP Warranty

Privacy Policy

FCC Compliance

Industry Canada Compliance Statement


Our current patents for water treatment are:

4515692; 4659463; 5147530; 8529768; 8535539; 8535540; 9212070; D760872; D768811; 9714715; 9970558; 10012319; 10011500; 10494268; 10494267; 10495230; 10479699; 10590008; 10633262; 10822250; 10822251; 10822252; 10829388; 10865122; 10865123; 10865124; 10948091; D924177; 1119279711; 11208335; 11203532; 110209839; 11542178; 11548795; 11560956; 11591240; 11655904

Other patents are pending.

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