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Salt Sensor Operations

Salt Sensor Overview

A DROP Salt Sensor is supplied with every DROP softener system. Once it is connected to your DROP system it will notify you when more salt needs to be added in your brine tank. The height of the trigger point is specifically designed to give you plenty of notice to add more salt before you run out. If your DROP system is connected to DROP Web Services, then you will receive a notification that your system needs salt added. Otherwise, when you connect to your DROP system through your App, you will see the notification on the Dashboard page of the App.

Salt Sensors are ready to use as soon as they are connected as a device to your DROP system. If you have not yet connected your Salt Sensor to the system, please see the section “How to Add Your Devices” on. Once connected, by default they send a notification when low salt is detected.

To add salt, remove the elastic band and make sure paddle is flush against the brine well and you are pouring towards the paddle so that salt doesn’t get between the paddle and the brine well. Place the elastic band over the top of the transmitter and replace the brine tank lid.

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