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Connecting the App to the DROP System

This onboarding process will help you connect your smartphone and DROP Connect App to your DROP system, connect your DROP system to your WiFi network, and create your DROP Web Services account.

First Launch of Mobile App

By simply starting the DROP Connect App for the first time, the setup process will begin. If you need to get back to the onboarding process, you can choose “First-Time User?” from the account login page in the app, or click “New DROP System” from the Account page in the app.

The following sections offer detailed instructions for setting up your system. Please note that some steps will differ for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Your Home Setup

DROP is a very dynamic system capable of working in any existing network environment. Whether you have an existing home WiFi network or not, you will be able to complete your setup and you can change your network settings later. To get you started on the right foot, choose your current network setup from the three options below.

Onboarding with Existing WiFi Network

The following instructions will show you how to connect your DROP system to an existing home network. This will include steps for both Apple iOS and Android OS devices.

One Time Setup & Done!

This device setup process is a one time install. Do it once and you won’t have to perform these steps again in the future. Your DROP Hub remembers your home internet settings and will communicate to your mobile app through the network.

If your home internet ID or password changes, we recommend that you also update these preferences in the DROP app, which, in turn, informs the DROP Hub. For other issues, please reference the Troubleshooting section.

Once you have completed these steps, you may skip to the next section of Mobile Onboarding here.

Onboarding with No Home WiFi Network

If you do not have a home network, follow all of the steps in the network onboarding process until you see the prompt “I don’t have WiFi” button.

App/Hub Pairing

The DROP hub will only communicate with the DROP Connect app on devices that have been paired with the Hub. When the app on a new device attempts to communicate with your DROP Hub for the first time on a local network connection, it will prompt you to press the button on the DROP Hub to authorize the connection from that device. Once paired, the app will be able to communicate with that Hub. If a user is logged into the DROP Connect app and can connect to the Hub remotely, this pairing process will happen automatically, and you won’t need to press the button on the Hub.

Professional Installers

If you are a Contractor installing DROP for someone else, please see the Professional Installers Guide.

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