DROP Water Filters

Smart Home Water Filtration System
Fresh, Pure Water Straight From the Tap

Clean, great tasting water is essential for your family’s health and well being. However, in most areas these days, the water that comes out of the tap is laden with chlorine, pharmaceutical contaminants and/or other substances. Even well water can be suspect, given how widespread groundwater contamination with agricultural or industrial waste has become.

If you’re like many people, you’re tired of buying expensive bottles of water that pollute the planet with plastic waste. You’re tired of having to constantly refill filter pitchers, or having to change filters on multiple fixtures throughout the house. You’re ready for a whole house water filtration system.

DROP Connect Home Water Filtration Solutions
DROP Whole House Cartridge Filter

Looking for a convenient way to remove chlorine and minor amounts of sediment from your water, while enjoying all the benefits of DROP leak protection and water conditioning? Our Whole Home Cartridge Filter is for you. This high quality water filter contains specific filtration media designed to remove chlorine and chloramine from your municipal water supply before it reaches your tap. The result is crystal clear, great tasting, odor free water for drinking, bathing and all other household uses.

DROP Whole House Backwashing Filter

If you have a larger home or are concerned about chemical contamination and/or greater amounts of sediment in your domestic water supply, the DROP Whole House Backwashing Filter is the way to go. This professional grade filter comes in two sizes and includes a backwashing cycle that periodically flushes the filter to clear it of excess debris and chemical accumulation. This helps the filter last longer (up to 10 years of continuous use for a family of four) and creates a more effective filter. The Whole House Backwashing Filter is capable of removing many organic solids from your water, including trihalomethanes (THMs) and pesticides in addition to chlorine.

DROP Duplex Filter

The DROP Duplex Home Chemical Reduction Filter removes contamination and sediment, while also providing all the benefits of DROP leak protection. The duplex design delivers filtered water 24 hours a day and progressive flow to efficiently meet fluctuating demand.

DROP Single Tank Aeration Filter

The DROP Single Tank Aeration Filter removes iron and sulfur, while also providing all the benefits of DROP leak protection.

Double Your Protection With a DROP Home Water Filtration System

DROP residential water filtration systems offer the unique advantage of protecting your home from leaks and flooding while delivering pristine, great-tasting water your whole family will enjoy.

Whole House Cartridge Filter

Home Chemical Reduction Filter

Duplex Filter

Single Tank Aeration Filter

Removes Chemicals

Removes Iron and Sulfur

Replaceable Cartridge

No Drain Required

Media Life

250,000 gallons*

1.5 cu ft - 750,000 gallons*

2.5 cu ft - 1,250,000 gallons*

1.5 cu ft - 1,500,000 gallons*

2.5 cu ft - 2,500,000 gallons*

6 - 8 years

Water Shutoff Capability

Monitor Water Usage

Provides ProPlex Technology

*estimated, based on 2ppm of chlorine





With a DROP whole house water filtration system, you will:

  • Protect your family’s health by removing or reducing chlorine, chloramines, and other unhealthy and unwanted contaminants from drinking and shower water
  • Safeguard your home from water damage caused by undetected leaks or indoor flooding events
  • Save the time and expense of maintaining multiple water management systems
  • Protect the environment by eliminating plastic water bottle waste from your home
How Do DROP Whole House Water Filters Work?

DROP water filters are designed to integrate fully with all other DROP products to provide a full service home water management system that reliably delivers great tasting, healthy water while safeguarding your home and property.

Like our water softeners, these filters communicate with the DROP Hub through DROP Link low-frequency radio waves. The system also connects wirelessly to the DROP App, which allows you to monitor and control your entire water system from anywhere, any time through your mobile device. Plus, it can easily be programmed to shut your water off when leaks or unusual water use are detected, for unprecedented leak protection unavailable anywhere else in the world.

Getting Started With DROP Water Filtration

Ready to start enjoying the convenience of fresh, healthy water right out of your tap, along with comprehensive leak protection for your entire home?