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DROP Commercial Proplex

DROP Commercial Water Treatment Products are engineered for facilities and large homes that use a large amount of water where both water quality and cutting-edge control of your water system are top priorities.  Using the DROP App, our DROP Commercial Products allow the user to completely monitor and control the system from anywhere.  In addition to displaying all of the vital system information including pressure, flow, temperature, and specific device settings; the  DROP App also provides text messages, emails, and/or push notifications of selectable system information.

The DROP ProPlex design provides all the benefits of maximum efficiency progressive flow technology of multiple tank systems at a fraction of the plumbing and wiring of prior-generation technology.  The plumbing is drastically reduced through control valves that have built-in meters as well as new piston designs that eliminate the need for external valves and remote meters.  In addition, all system coordination is managed wirelessly eliminating the need for interconnected system cables running to a master controller.  DROP ProPlex utilizes DROPLink wireless technology to take softeners and filters online/offline as needed to optimize efficiency and performance.  Each tank is monitored independently, when a tank is exhausted it immediately goes off-line & regenerates. No-Hard-Water-By-Pass prevents untreated water from reaching service, and lock-out assures that only one tank can regenerate at a time. The DROP system will automatically accommodate fluctuations in demand without the risk of bleeding hard water to service, therefore supplying treated water continuously 24/7, and conserving salt and water. During periods of low flow, it automatically takes tank(s) off-line to prevent hardness bleed due to channeling.  ProPlex also offers ease of expandability by wirelessly adding more products to the system over time to increase capacity as needed.  

Each DROP Commercial system can accommodate up to 12 softeners, 12 iron filters, 12 sediment filters, and 12 other water treatment devices with just one DROP Hub all while offering the most all-inclusive leak protection available. 

To find out more about our complete line of DROP Commercial Products, contact us for additional information.

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