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DROP Protect Modes

Protect Modes is a recent feature introduced by DROP. Protect Modes replaces the original long flow notification and shutoff settings. The DROP system keeps track of how long your water is running and takes action based on the mode selection and the easily customized settings you have set for each mode. The new DROP Protect Modes are: Home, Away, and Schedule

The Home Mode will be used when you and your family are at home and are able to be more aware of your water usage. This means that the notification and shutoff times are much longer, allowing for showers, car washing, or dishwashing. By default, the time before continuous flow notification is set to 15 minutes, and the shutoff time is set to 30.  

The Away Mode can be used when you’re at work, or out on the town for the evening. You may have a washer, ice maker, or dishwasher running while you’re not home. Instead of shutting off your water, Away Mode can also be used to allow these appliances to run as usual, while allowing DROP to react much more quickly to unusual water usage.  By default, DROP will shut your water off after 5 minutes of continuous flow. 

Last, Schedule Mode can be used for more advanced, pinpointed protection. Use Schedule mode if you have a yard sprinkler system that runs late in the night or have routine times you want more protection, such as while you are at work or while you’re asleep. This is a great way to make sure your house is always protected when you need it to be! Schedule mode allows for more flexibility for your DROP system.
DROP Protect Modes can be temporarily disabled by using Snooze. Set 1-hour increments that you want all continuous flow monitoring bypassed. Great times to snooze Protect Mode would be if your kids are playing with the sprinkler or you are watering your garden. After the Snooze is up, your system will resume monitoring your water usage.

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