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Impact of Bad Water on Appliances, Pipes & Dishes

Water quality not only impacts your health but also impacts everything else it encounters.  Hardness alone builds up in pipes, creates scale in hot water tanks, leaves spots on dishes and glassware, and also decreases the efficiency of appliances. 

Clogged pipes lead to clogged aerators in faucets, thus reducing water pressure.  Water pressure is vital to washing machines and dishwashers in their ability to clean and be effective.  Once this starts happening, they eventually stop working altogether.  Costly repairs or replacements will then ensue.

Protecting your pipes and appliances from bad water is something to consider when making decisions about your home.  Hardness, iron, & low pH, are the most common bad water offenders that will impact how your home functions. 

Start protecting your home & appliances from bad water by having a basic water test done.  Contact your local water treatment professional for quick analysis and fix problems before they happen.

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