DROP Home Protection Valve

Like all DROP systems, the Home Protection Valve provides the ability to shut off water to the home when a problem is detected or manually through the app. Its built-in flow meter and pressure sensors can identify a broad range of problems such as continuous flow, leaky toilets, or even very small leaks from a faucet. When paired with DROP Leak Detectors through the DROP Hub, this system provides for every method of leak detection available. In addition to all the benefits associated with minimizing costly water damage, the system provides useful data to aid in water conservation.



Home Protection Valve (D-HPS-K1) includes (1) Home Protection Valve, (1) Hub and (2) Leak Detectors

Outdoor installation requires outdoor kit (P/N 20018X206) Includes port plug, vinyl cover & power supply

 Home Protection Valve Sales Sheet


Water damage is one of the most costly repairs in a home.

That is why we created DROP Connect

Now you can safeguard your home with a comprehensive water management system.

Specifications and Details

Already have a water softener or filter? No worries! This unique product works independently from your water softener or filter because it is placed directly on the water line. Now you will be able to meter your water which tracks how much water is used, add DROP Leak Detectors to leak prone areas and have the ability to remotely shut off your water from anywhere.

Product Dimensions

The Home Protection Valve comes standard in the following dimensions: Depth: 6.5 in Width: 18 in Height: 8 in

Electrical Information

120 Volts AC 12V DC Power Supply (supplied) All DROP Products have a 9V battery backup solution for power loss. If you ever lose electricity to your home, not only will your Home Protection Valve continue to soften your water, your Leak Detector system will still respond to leaks in your home.

Connected, Simple

You decide how you would like DROP to communicate with you notifications can be set up as emails, texts, or even push messages. Have a kid that tends to leave the water on? DROP can be configured to send you notifications when there is continuous water flow and if you want even to shut off the water after a period of time that you select.

Automatic Water Shutoff

DROP Leak Detectors are unique devices capable of detecting even the smallest water drops wherever they are placed. When paired with DROP Water Softeners and Water Filters, not only will you be notified of potential leaks, DROP will automatically shut off your water. Up to 32 leak detectors can be paired to your DROP Water System keeping you safe from water damage.

Need further assistance?

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Prop 65 Warning! This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm