DROP Leak Detectors

Never worry about coming home to frozen pipes, absurdly high water bills or a soaked kitchen. These inconspicuous water-saving devices integrate with our smart water monitoring system to safeguard your home — and your wallet — from the hazards of water leaks and bursts in the home.



*Note: DROP Products require the DROP Hub to function. 

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Water damage is one of the most costly repairs in a home.

That is why we created DROP Connect

Now you can safeguard your home with a comprehensive water management system.

Specifications and Details

DROP Leak Detectors provide critical data to the DROP water management system to help protect your home from water damage. DROP leak detectors sense water in the area and continuously monitor the temperature. This is especially useful in climates where freezing can occur. The leak detectors can be independently configured to automatically shut off the home water supply when the temperature falls below a user designated level or just provide notification of the condition. Each leak detector can be named to provide the user with the exact location of where a problem has occurred. The leak detectors are powered by two AA batteries which last about 5 years or longer (varies depending on quality of the battery). To provide the best level of protection we recommend placing a leak detector in all the areas of your home with a high risk of water leaks. Some examples include: behind toilets and washing machines, under sinks and dishwashers, and around water heaters.

Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions D-LD

Depth: 1.5in
Width: 2.75in
Height: 3.25in
Electrical Information

Leak Detectors require 2 AA Batteries. By using a very low amount of electricity to communicate to the DROP Hub, Leak Detector batteries are able to last for up to 5 years!

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Connected, Simple

You decide how you would like DROP to communicate with you notifications can be set up as emails, texts, or even push messages. Have a kid that tends to leave the water on? DROP can be configured to send you notifications when there is continuous water flow and if you want even to shut off the water after a period of time that you select.

Automatic Water Shutoff

DROP Leak Detectors are unique devices capable of detecting even the smallest water drops wherever they are placed. When paired with DROP Water Softeners and Water Filters, not only will you be notified of potential leaks, DROP will automatically shut off your water. Up to 32 leak detectors can be paired to your DROP Water System keeping you safe from water damage.

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Prop 65 Warning! This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm