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DROP Smart Water Softener Solutions – These revolutionary softeners are designed around a patented piston design that allows the units to shut off water to the home. When paired with the DROP Connect leak detectors, they provide the most comprehensive leak protection available.

A DROP whole house water softener system is the smart home automation solution for all your household water needs. Utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology, our residential water softener products offer cutting-edge convenience, sustainable performance and built-in damage prevention capabilities — plus all the benefits you expect from a home water softener system.

Integrating with our unique DROP Hub controller, our smart water softeners offer many conveniences and advantages. You can monitor and control your home’s water softener system remotely from any mobile device, and program it to maximize water efficiency, notify you of conditions that require attention or maintenance, or even automatically shut your water off when it senses a potential emergency.

DROP Cabinet Water Softener

This space saving option is ideal for smaller homes or condos where the only place to install a softener is in the laundry room or in another tight area. It is energy efficient and operates on 12-volt DC so it can easily integrate with solar and other off-grid applications.

DROP Pro Water Softener

This unit offers all the advantages of the Cabinet Water Softener in larger sizes more appropriate for larger homes. It also features two piece construction for easier maintenance.

DROP City Water Softener

City Water Softeners provide all of the benefits Pro Water Softeners with the added ability to remove unwanted chemicals present in most city water supplies such as chlorine and chloramine. The mineral tank of a city water softener is divided into two sections. The first section is filled with catalytic carbon that removes the chemicals and the second section is filled with high-performance ion exchange resin to soften the water.

DROP Duplex Softener

The DROP Duplex Water Softener is a professional grade smart system that provides 24/7 soft water and progressive flow to efficiently meet the fluctuating demands of a busy household while also protecting from costly water leaks.

How Our Smart Home Water Softener Systems Work

Our smart water softeners are designed to integrate with the DROP Hub system, DROP Leak Detectors and filters to save water, protect your home, and make maintaining your home water system easy.

Smart Connections

Your water softener and other system components connect with a central controller, the DROP Hub, via low-frequency radio waves. The Hub itself can also connect to your WiFi system. This IoT integration enables you to access the unit from anywhere on your phone or other mobile device via our mobile app — enabling you to monitor, control and automate your home’s entire water system for optimal performance and convenience.



Low frequency radio waves are more robust than Wi-Fi signals for more reliable connections within the home — especially on larger properties.


Having just one device connected to the cloud makes it easy to adjust and troubleshoot your system.


Because the radio connection will work with or without Wi-Fi, our smart water softener systems provide uninterrupted operation even when the web goes down.

Leak protection: Our DROP Leak Detector units allow our home water softener systems to monitor water usage for indications of leaks. When leaks are detected, the system is alerted and water is shut off, preventing untold damage to the home. You will also be notified through the DROP App.

Water savings: You can monitor your water use in real time and receive notifications and alerts to help keep water waste to a minimum. You can even shut off your water remotely or program your system for automatic shutoff.

Superior water quality: Our residential water softeners and filters deliver top quality performance for soft, clean, healthy water your entire family will enjoy.

Cabinet Softener

Pro Softener

City Softener

Duplex Softener

Removes Calcium & Magnesium

Removes Chemicals

Space Saving Appliance Design

Pro Quality Two-Tank Design

Automatic Water Shutoff

Monitors Water Use

Provides ProPlex Technology





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