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Need comprehensive water treatment for your home? No worries. We’ve got you covered. The DROP Smart Water Softener offers protection and excellent water quality that features easy-to-service, two-piece construction. Integrates with the DROP Hub smart water monitor and DROP App for 24/7 peace of mind anywhere you go.

Like all DROP water softeners, the Smart Water Softener utilizes a patented piston design that provides the ability to shut off water to the home. When paired with DROP Leak Detectors through the DROP Hub, this system provides all the benefits of a top of the line water softener, home leak protection, and a water conservation system in one.

Key Features:

  • Eliminate hardness caused by calcium & magnesium for improved water quality
  • Effortlessly monitor and manage water shut-off remotely using the DROP App
  • Demand initiated regeneration with adjustable cycle times for optimized performance
  • Stay informed with real-time notifications, texts, and emails for low salt levels and other system alerts
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 5-year warranty included

Upgrade your home’s water management system with DROP Smart Water Softener today and experience unparalleled control and monitoring of your water treatment. All DROP products are proudly made in the USA.

Note: All DROP products require the DROP Hub to function.

The DROP Ecosystem

DROP is an exceptionally innovative and revolutionary whole-home water management system that stands out not only for its technological prowess but also for its unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. With an unwavering commitment to optimizing water usage, DROP has emerged as an industry leader in providing comprehensive solutions for monitoring and managing water consumption in households.

The DROP ecosystem is flexible and expandable, you can easily add new DROP products to your system as needs change. All control is at your fingertips through the intuitive DROP App, available for both Android and Apple devices.

The DROP ecosystem and products do not require any sort of subscription and can function without an internet connection.

Automatic Leak Protection

All DROP Smart Water Softeners utilizes a patented piston design that provides the ability to shut off water to the home automatically if a leak is detected. This can save you thousands on undiscovered water leaks and resulting water damage.

This next-level home protection feature will immediately send you a notification of the event, and can even be fine-tuned via the settings.

Boost Hair, Nail & Skin Health

Our smart water softening systems eliminate calcite minerals like magnesium and calcium carbonates that cause hard water. Soft water, devoid of these mineral deposits, leaves less residual material on your hair, skin, and nails after showering. Consequently, it eases dryness, resulting in smoother, more manageable hair, fewer split ends, less dry skin, and robust, less flaky nails.

Cleaner Dishes

Discover the difference of cleaner dishes with DROP water softeners. Soft water delivers 6x more spotless dishes and also significantly saves on your detergent costs by up to 70%!* According to the WQA.

Plus, get the most out of air drying—which works best with softened water—and save on your electricity bill by ditching the dishwasher’s heating feature. Invest in DROP water softeners for a hassle-free and money-saving dishwashing experience.

Better Tasting Water

Employing a process of ion exchange, our water softeners channel the hard water through resin bead-filled tanks. The positively charged resin beads attract and hold onto minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and traces of iron and manganese. Say goodbye to these impurities and hello to refined, improved water with a notably better taste.

Choose our reliable, high-quality water softeners for a noticeable improvement in your water quality, and start enjoying softer, better-tasting water in your home!

Save Money

Investing in a water softener for your home has several financial benefits. Not only will you prolong the lifespan of your appliances, reducing maintenance costs, but you’ll also use less soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent due to the soft water’s effect on detergents.

Your clothes will remain vibrant and last longer, minimizing your wardrobe expenses. Plus, with no harsh deposits left by the water, you’ll save on time and the cost of cleaning agents to remove them, making this a smart, cost-effective investment for your household.

The DROP App

  • The DROP app offers real-time alerts and notifications that keep you constantly updated about your water usage and system status.
  • Not tech-savvy? No problem! Everything you need, from controls to troubleshooting, is found within the app. Its intuitive design makes it accessible, easy to navigate and understand.
  • The app enables easy transition between different DROP systems, making it perfect for those managing multiple locations.

How It Works

  • Ion Exchange: Hard water enters through the inlet pipe, flowing through the resin bed. The resin, covered in sodium ions, swaps these ions with with calcium and magnesium ions, creating soft water.
  • Soft Water Distribution: The newly softened water circulates throughout your home via the outlet pipe.
  • System Regeneration: Over time, the resin’s sodium ions deplete, and the system triggers a regeneration process. This is based on hardness level and water consumption.
  • Regeneration: During regeneration, the system flushes out dirt, refreshes the resin with a high concentration salt solution from the brine tank, and rinses the resin. The brine tank then refills, preparing for the next cycle.

What’s Included

  • Water Softener Tank with Resin
  • Smart Water Softener Control Head
  • Salt Sensor
  • Power Supply (2x)
  • 9 Volt Backup Battery
  • Brine Tank
  • Brine Line
  • 90⁰ Elbow Connectors 1″ NPT Set
  • Bypass Valve

Excellent water quality + leak prevention.


No matter where your water comes from, minerals like calcium and magnesium can cause problems. DROP Smart Water Softeners give your family the water they deserve.


Common house issues from water hardness include soap scum and water spots on water fixtures which can ultimately shorten the lifespan of common appliances. DROP Smart Water Softeners also come with built-in leak protection.


Tired of not knowing what your water is doing right this second? Not sure if everything is working properly? You control everything from the DROP app, giving you unprecedented access to the whole system, including your DROP Smart Water Softener as it treats your water and prevents leaks.

The Benefits of DROP

The DROP App contains a robust amount of notifications to keep you informed. Everything from Leak Detection to Low Salt notifications, DROP has your back for all system events and items. They can be configured to push notifications, text messages, and emails.

Below is a list of all of the unique notifications available to you.

Automatically Respond to Detected Leaks

Worried about water leaks and damage to your home? With DROP Leak Detectors, you will never have to worry about that again! These sensitive devices can detect small traces of water where there should be none. You can configure these leak detectors to notify you of the issue as well as automatically shut off your water through your softener, filter or home protection valve to prevent further leaks and damage.

Long Flow Notification

Has someone left a sink running? This notification will inform you if water is running longer than expected based on your preferences.

Valve Error Notification

Has your softener or filter control valve malfunctioned? This notification will provide you with the correct information to help assess any valve issues in your water softener and/or water filter control valve.

Component Communication Lost Notification

DROP constantly communicates with its device endpoints. If your system is having trouble communicating with one of the devices, you will be notified and able to fix the problem.

Low/High Temperature

DROP Leak Detectors have the ability to notify you of temperature changes based on your preferred temperature ranges. If you lose heat in your home, your DROP Leak Detector will notify you.

Low Salt Notification*

Is your water softener running low on salt? With our patented DROP Salt Sensor, you will be notified if more salt is needed to continue providing softened water.

Slow Leak Test**

This unique test provides the status of your water system overnight by checking for small water leaks. By depressurizing your water pipes while you sleep, we can detect even the smallest leak in your system and help you identify where that is.

Filter Cartridge Notifications

Is your Whole House Cartridge Filter in need of a cartridge replacement? This notification will inform you to replace your cartridge to continue filtering and cleaning your home water.

Power Loss/Restored Notifications

Ever lose power to your important electronic devices and not know about it? This notification will notify you of this event. Never fear, as DROP uses battery backups on nearly all of its devices to continue operating without power.

Low Battery Notifications

DROP Leak Detectors and other DROP components operate on batteries using very low power consumption capable of lasting for years. If these batteries run low in power, you will know when to replace them.

Leaky Toilet Notification

Our technology is able to detect whether your toilet is leaking or not by pinpointing how much water is used during and after a flush.

Water Usage Surpassed Setpoint

Want to know when you have used a certain amount of water? This notification will let you know when you have crossed water use thresholds based on your preferences.

* Specific notification for DROP Water Softeners only.
** Specific notification for the DROP Home Protection Valve only.

Water Hardness Map

Frequently Asked Questions

System Capacity

32000 Grains, 48000 Grains, 64000 Grains



32,000 Grains

Depth Width Height
18 in 27 in 56 in

48,000 Grains

Depth Width Height
18 in 28 in 62 in

64,000 Grains

Depth Width Height
18 in 30 in 60 in
Electrical Information
  • 120 Volts AC
  • 12V DC Power Supply (supplied)
  • All DROP Products have a 9V battery backup solution for power loss. If you ever lose electricity to your home, not only will your Smart Water Softener continue to soften your water, your Leak Detector system will still respond to leaks in your home.


DROP Smart Softener Sales Sheet

DROP Smart Softener Installation Manual


DROP Water Softener Sizing Chart



Part Number 20017X306 – $25.00

$25.00Add to cart


Part Number 20017X308 – $50.00

$50.00Add to cart

Shark Skin Jacket

Insulating cover which helps prevent condensation and subsequent puddle formation on the floor.

DROP Remote

Control the quality and flow of your water with the simple touch of a button.


Part Number 20017X288 – $12.46

$12.46Add to cart


Part Number 20017X289 – $12.46

$17.80Add to cart


Part Number 20017X307 – $12.46

$17.80Add to cart

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  • Mike Bott

    Great product along with perfect factory support who is easy to contact for the people who don’t do this every day for a living! DROP is clearly well managed with great products and great people!

    February 28, 2024
    Verified Review
  • Sameer Deshmukh

    It does the job what it should be doing. We are happy with the system so far.

    November 1, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Robert Faria

    I like the ability to monitor everything via the app.

    October 27, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Isaiah Waldner

    It is the best system I have ever used.

    October 15, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Orval Weeks

    Works very well. Water tastes much better and we use a lot less soap. Dishes come out spot free.

    August 20, 2023
    Verified Review

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