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Water Hardness in West Virginia Cities

Water hardness, primarily signifying the concentration of dissolved substances such as calcium and magnesium, can exhibit significant variation across West Virginia. The state, nestled within the Appalachian region, often displays diverse water hardness levels, unlike territories such as the Midwest known to possess higher hardness levels.

Looking specifically at West Virginia, the hardness measurements gathered from various towns and cities indicate a tendency towards moderate to high hardness levels, compared to the national average. Consequently, West Virginia’s water is largely categorized under the ‘moderate to hard’ bracket. This characteristic holds significant implications in terms of the water’s taste and the effectiveness of cleaning agents like soaps and detergents. It should be noted that these hardness levels are subject to fluctuation and can change depending on local geological conditions and differences in water sources.

The cities evaluated in this dataset exhibit a wide range of hardness values in their water supplies, represented in Parts Per Million (ppm) and Grains Per Gallon (gpg). Cities like Charleston, Huntington, and Clarksburg have high hardness levels, exceeding 90 ppm, 5.26 gpg. Conversely, water hardness in South Charleston, Dunbar, and Nitro is on the lower side, less than 36 ppm, 2.1 gpg. Meanwhile, several cities, such as Parkersburg, Wheeling, and Martinsburg, have not provided any information regarding the hardness of their water supplies.

CityHardness ppm (mg/L)Hardness gpgInformation SourceNotes
Charleston36.02.1LinkTook average of listed range
Huntington103.06.0LinkTook average of listed range
Morgantown88.65.2LinkTook average of listed range
Weirtonn/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
Clarksburg118.56.9LinkTook average of listed range
South Charleston36.02.1LinkPart of Charleson Water/Kanawa County
St. Albansn/an/aLink
Bluefield140.08.5LinkTook average of listed range
Oak Hill65.04.0Link
Dunbar36.02.1LinkPart of Charleson Water/Kanawa County
Hurricanen/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
Elkinsn/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
Charles Town140.58.5LinkTook average of listed range
Nitro36.02.1LinkPart of Putnam County which sources from Charleston
Princeton62.53.7LinkVia Zipcode lookup
Ranson corporation140.58.5LinkPart of Charles Town
New Martinsvillen/an/aUnable to find
Keysern/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Graftonn/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Barboursville103.06.0LinkCovered by Huntington per zip code lookup
Westover88.65.2LinkGets from Morgantown, per website
Point Pleasantn/an/aLinkGot through County Website.
Lewisburgn/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
Pleasant Valleyn/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Summersvillen/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
Kingwoodn/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Kenova103.06.0LinkCovered by Huntington per zip code lookup
Williamsonn/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Madison36.02.1LinkPart of Charleson Water/Kanawa County
Milton36.02.1LinkPart of Charleson Water/Kanawa County
Bethlehemn/an/aLinkPurchases from Wheeling per US EPA search
Paden Cityn/an/aLinkCity website is down and EPA search didn’t find the report
Winfieldn/an/aLinkWell water
Petersburgn/an/aLinkReport isn’t loaded on their website, it’s just a text block that says “insert report here”. Old reports also not there.
Hinton62.53.7LinkTook average of range
White Sulphur Springsn/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Spencern/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
St. Marysn/an/aLink
Star Cityn/an/aLink
Belingtonn/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Romneyn/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
McMechenn/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Harrisvillen/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Richwoodn/an/aLinkActively delinquent on monitoring, per website
Ronceverten/an/aLinkWater Quality Report hasn’t been uploaded on city site
West Liberty313.018.3LinkFound on this map, report from 2018 at West Liberty University
Eleanor36.02.1LinkPart of Putnam County, Kanawa Water District
Terra Altan/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Glen Dalen/an/aLink
Nutter Fort118.56.9LinkPurchases from Clarksburg
Marmet36.02.1LinkPart of Charleson Water/Kanawa County
New Havenn/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
Mullensn/an/aCity doesn’t have dedicated website, EPA CCR search brough up nothing
Oceanan/an/aLinkNo CCR on website
Wayne103.06.0LinkCovered under Huntington per Zip Lookup
Logann/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
Ceredo103.06.0LinkPurchases from Kenova
Granville88.65.2LinkCovered by Morgantown
Sistersvillen/an/aLinkNo CCR on website
Chesapeake36.02.1LinkPart of Charleson Water/Kanawa County
Mabscottn/an/aLinkCovered under Beckley
Parsonsn/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
Ansted65.04.0LinkPer Zip lookup
Montgomery36.02.1LinkPer Zip lookup
Buffalo36.02.1LinkPart of Charleson Water/Putnam County
Barrackvillen/an/aLinkNot on their website, or EPA CCR search
Rainellen/an/aLinkNo specific CCR report, just a notice of violation of water quality standards on the town Facebook page, nothing on EPA CCR search either
Belle36.02.1LinkPart of Charleson Water/Kanawa County
Glenvillen/an/aLinkNothing in county document repository nor on EPA CCR search
Sophian/an/aLinkCovered under Raleigh County per EPA CCR search, purchases from Beckley
Mount Hopen/an/aLinkOnly has alkalinity
Pennsboro146.08.5LinkGrabbed most recent record for Pennsboro from this map (2016)
Bolivarn/an/aLinkCovered by Harper’s Ferry
Hamlin36.02.1LinkPart of Charleson Water/Lincoln County
Top 100 West Virginia cities by population and their reported water hardness
ppm = Parts Per Million
mg/L = Milligrams Per Liter
gpg = Grains Per Gallon

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