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DROP Smart Water Softener

DROP Smart Water Softener

The DROP Smart Water Softener is a professional grade smart water softener that is available in various sizes to fit your household needs. It features two piece construction for ease of maintenance.

DROP Whole House Cartridge Filter w Filter

This high quality water filter contains specific filtration media designed to remove chlorine and chloramine from your municipal water supply before it reaches your tap. All with the benefits of DROP leak protection and water conditioning.


Your connection to everything, our state-of-the-art smart hub is the heart and brains of the DROP smart water management system. It integrates all your residential water treatment devices, including water softeners, filters, pumps, flow meters, valves, leak detectors, and more.

DROP Leak Detectors

Place DROP Leak Protectors around your home in places where leaks may occur. And when one does? The water shuts off and you’re kept in the loop.

DROP Smart Water Softener (64,000 Grains)

System Capacity

64000 Grains

DROP Whole House Cartridge Filter includes filter

Cartridge Type




DROP Connect


Chandler Systems

DROP Leak Detectors - 2 Pack


2 Pack

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