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Getting Started

Step by step process to get your new DROP system up and running. Everything from installing your water appliances to downloading the DROP app.
How to use and setup the DROP mobile app. How to connect the app to your water appliances.
Adding and removing devices on your DROP system. Naming and organization.
Troubleshooting your DROP system
About the DROP System


Using the DROP mobile app with your devices.
All items related to your DROP Hub.
Information on your DROP softener valve and display lights.
Information on your salt sensor.
Overview of DROP Leak Detectors and settings.
The DROP Remote shows the status of your DROP system at a glance and allows you to conveniently turn your water supply on or off. The Remote also extends the range of the DROP Link mesh network.
The DROP home protection valve can protect your home from water damage caused by leaks, notify you and shut off the water in the event of unusual flow patterns, and test your home for very slow leaks...